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Interview with Erny –


Erny is the owner of different websites on the Internet. After some emails Erny and I exchanged, I decided to conduct an interview. He has a no-bs approach towards sports and nutrition, and this is what seduced me. In this interview, Erny shares a bit of his knowledge and insights on the fitness industry, the challenges, as well as his vision for the future. Hi Erny, could you introduce yourself in few words, as well as the websites you have on the Internet? Hey! My name’s Erny Peibst and my websites are and Jacked Natural is about helping guys with crap genetics pack on muscle. The content on there is free and I reveal some of the tips/tricks I have used to help me gain 50lbs of drug-free muscle. Are They on Steroids is a blog where people can find out if a certain actor or bodybuilder is juicing…More

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