How do I Cut?


This 3 part series will explain in detail what a «cut in bodybuilding is. I will present, explain how to prepare, and describe everything there is to know about cutting. This will include fundamental aspects such as the caloric maintenance, how to figure it out, and what a caloric deficit is and entails.

Finally, I will provide tips on how to maintain this deficit and cut as long as needed for you to achieve your fitness goal.

Part 1: Introduction

  1. What Is a « cut »?
  2. How Do I Prepare My Cut?
  3. What should I Expect in Regards to My Performance?


Part 2: Caloric Deficit and Dietary Supplements

  1. Caloric Maintenance and Caloric Deficit
  2. Macronutrients Repartition
  3. Dietary Supplements


Part 3: Fine Tuning

  1. How Long Should I Cut?
  2. Weight Fluctuations
  3. « Refeeds »



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