There are Two Kinds of People In The World…


Those who have Whey…and those who don’t.

On this website, you won’t find any miracle product, but if you have will, patience and motivation ; then you will find everything you need to create your own miracle.

At Fit for Life, we like determined people, willing to wake up every morning and question their habits, question into their lives everything that needs to be kept and everything that needs to change. No Brain, No Gain!

Life is a playfield on which possibilities are a big potential you are free to take advantage of. If you do it, be warned: there is no turning back.

I must be without remorse or regrets as I am without excuse; for from the instant of my upsurge into being, I carry the weight of the world by myself alone without help, engaged in a world for which I bear the whole responsibility without being able, whatever I do, to tear myself away from this responsibility for an instant.

You want to be the best one in what you do? So become it,  and never look behind. Ghosts of the past only feed the History of those who don’t embrace their future ; but we expect from you to understand how a necessity that really is. Substantially, live your life open, and by a dynamic which brings you results. Do not wait for the president of the United States to enlighten you. I close my eyes and I imagine on the TV: « Tonight, to all the scoopers, I have what you were looking for.. » ha. Funny.

I remember, when I was younger my spanish courses, and the teacher asked me to come to her desk and she asked me loudly: « You don’t do your homeworks…and you call this…working? Why do you even bother coming to school? » « I did them in my head. »

And again, structures become real and take more and more room, they try to inject you with the deadly virus of conformity ; a mediocrity which had a disgusting taste, except for the one who accepts submission and intellectual slavery. Let the shakers revolution begin!

Never, adventure will be a comfortable place for the seeker, an adventure that you cannot buy at Walmart’s…but is there anything better… than being your own captain on your own ship? Charon and Phlegyas are resting, so don’t wait them to cross the Styx my friends!

I take two scoops and do my pushups. Yesterday, I asked the Social Services to help me to pay my eggs and my proteins powders. They refused and they said:  «Unconventional request ». They’re all alike.

We just finished 2013 and let me ask you a question: will 2014 be your success?
Will you be more educated? More curious? Stronger and more open?


Do it for yourself, this is something you deserve…

-> If it was hard for you to have your diet in check in 2013, you will fix this in 2014.
-> If your routine wasn’t consistent and weak, you will do better than ever in 2014.

Finally, if your own personal goals were missing consistency, you will show to the world what you can accomplish in 2014.

The new year will bring you new insights, and a fresh motivation to go further. « What if I don’t want to go further? » Well, you will quickly feel you are missing your own life. The more I think about this, and the simpler it looks to me: it’s always easier to live according to TV icons rather than building your own life from scratch.

Learn to be proud of your own building blocks,  that constitute the years you lived. Every one of these blocks is a story that you can talk about ; and every one in itself is what makes you, the result is what you are now ; and tomorrow, you will still be there to build your own monument. What’s more exciting than cutting down life’s  continuum and refuse the waiting time that goes along?

I recall an assignment, in philosophy courses ; result: 4/10. The teacher said: « Unconventional work ». « no ma’am that’s you.. ». Two hours of detention. Assignment: « Is language only a tool? »

During this year, I answered hundreds of questions, and I coached many people in order to make them better. If I could sum up into one sentence, I would say:

« If you don’t fit into your shoes…why don’t you walk on your bare feet? »

And this is precisely what happened ; they learned that nothing has to either black or white; pink or blue. If you want to have a life that is like a Rembrandt’s or Magritte’s, fucking go for it!

Dive into action, and appreciate everything you do, because it’s the only way to understand how your world really is and how it could be.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

I’m sure you had doubts sometimes, laid down on the bed, and asking yourself about what you should or could do. I’ve always hoped for the solution to pop up as the Super leaf in Mario.

I’ve always hoped for the solution to pop up as the Super leaf in Mario.
I’ve always hoped for the solution to pop up as the Super leaf in Mario.

But waiting didn’t gave me neither the body I wanted to have, nor a life full of adventures and poetry. So..what are you waiting for?

1998. Wednesday, afternoon. I do not want to go to school, and 3 hours later my mom thinks I left. She called the cops. I should have told her: « Staying all day long, filling pages that will end up in trash in few months…why? »

Life is a real call to action. If the world forces us to accept it’s fake, and nothing is true…so shouldn’t everything be possible?

Ideology is a coat you put on and your culture a piercing you push through nostrils. Items to make you think there is only one card on the table ; only one way of approaching things. We see the same in sports: « 6 meals per day, Intermittent Fasting; Whey or Casein »…shoes or runners ; hat or cap?

It’s always easier for us: we read an article and we want results. And then we think « They know what they are talking about . » So we copy and we repeat. After a 6 months of trying: nothing.

It’s time for you to supercharge your brain ; winter is coming and you wouldn’t it to get cold…


2014: No Brain No Gain !

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