Sam: +7 pounds!


Sam, one of our members sent us some (great) progression pictures.

Sam contacted us a while back, he was looking for some advice in order to kickstart a strength training routine. We set him up a specific program as well as a meal plans.

His hard work definitely paid of! But let’s listen to what he has to say about himself:

From June, July, I started with 3 sessions a week. In August and September it was less regular, and I really put myself into around October. So I hit around 5 months of work, 55 “Lafay” sessions to be precise. I’ve started from the second level, and I’m currently following the fourth level.

I weighted around 147 pounds with 20% body fat; I’m currently weighting 154 pounds and from 15 to 17% body fat.

I had a hard time gaining weight, but I wasn’t really forcing myself, and it’s been only for the past weeks that I really started to eat more.

Stats :
Right arm: From 30 to 33cm today.
Chest: From 92 to 99cm today. (Thanks to my back that really got bigger)

I’ve lost a decent amount of fat in the end, mostly in the arms and my abdominal area (abs are getting visible.)

Current goal: Grain from 4 to 6 pounds in 5 months and slowly start to cut afterwards. 

Despite an irregular training schedule, Sam was nonetheless able to make great progress! Particularly his upper chest and his shoulders.

The abdominal area tightened a bit and his arms gained some size. His back is really coming out.




Looking forward for his progress and see what will come next!

Well done Sam 😉 !

Feel free to send us your progress pictures and we will be more than happy to share your story here.


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