We Tested… 100% Whey by 4ever Fit!


Tonight, I tested for you, my father, my mother, my brothers and my sisters…. 4ever Fits 100% Whey!

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A 5 pound container cost me less than 54$ at Popeye’s


4ever 100whey5lb info

Over 22 grams of protein per 31g scoop, and only 5g of carbs. Additional points go to this whey for being aspartam-free.

Taste and miscibility

I bought the chocolate-flavored whey. The taste is pretty bland, but it still goes down relatively well. Miscibility-wise, you have to mix the product well to avoid a chunky result… Shake those shakers like you mean it!

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Nothing in particular, just your classic whey.


Take 2 scoops before a workout, and 2 more during the day to ensure your protein requirements are met. Remember though, nothing can replace a balanced diet!


  • Price 8
  • Taste 9
  • Miscibility 6
  • Composition 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.9
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Because the taste isn't great, but the price and macro-composition are!

7.8 Good

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