10 Tips to Lose Weight


Here are some easy-to-apply tips to help you lose weight. No traps, nothing drastic, just some common sense for easier, faster, and safer weight loss.

1- Snacking: what to eat?

For those who like to snack, try keeping some hard boiled eggs in your fridge. You can prepare several in advance, and this way if you get the urge to snack you can munch on something healthy and filling.

For more savor, try adding some calorie-free mustard or some spices 🙂

If you are still hungry, you can prepare some salad to eat just in case.


2- Put away food

Every study shows it, and everyone knows: food that is in sight is food that will end up eaten, without exception. Rather than leaving that apple pie on the counter and sneaking bites throughout the day, put it away in the fridge.

By keeping your food out of sight, the chances of you munching on it will be reduced.

3- Do short sessions of physical activity every morning/evening

For example 5-10 minutes of crunches, pushups, squats… This will soon become as much of a habit as showering.

No need for a specific program, or for a full routine of exercises. 2 or 3 movements will suffice.

There is also no need for this to be ultra strenuous: the idea is just to get your blood flowing.

4- Take the stairs

At shopping centers, metro stations, etc… Chose to take the stairs and make it a habit to do so. Not only are they less crowded than escalators but your legs will thank you.

5- Drive less

No need to take the car for every last excursion; biking or walking are great alternatives.

6- Put less sugar in your beverages

The problem with sugar, at least for me, is that the more you add it, the more you want.


7- Use spices

Try replacing caloric sauces in your dishes with spices. Some even help with weight loss! Curry, cumin, herbs, cinamon…

8- Drink more water

Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are simply thirsty. Two big glasses of water can often calm small huger pangs.

9- Use flavored drops in your water

For those of you who down many sugary drinks during the day, flavor drops are a great alternative. A few drops in a bottle of water will get rid of your cravings for a sweet beverage, and will help you increase your consumption of water. Ever since I discovered these, I easily drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

10- Prioritize high-fiber foods

But not too much! (no need to consume more than 40-50 grams a day). Whole wheat bread rather than white, vegetables, etc… Fibers help fill up the stomach and calm the hormones that set off the sensation of hunger, as these hormonal signals are based on the content (volume) of food in the intestines.


  • Try fasting once or twice a month to detach yourself from food, and to learn to distinguish between physical and psychological hunger. 90% of the time, our hunger is the later. Our body is wired to survive, and does not take into account the overabundance of food that is around us. We have conserved this survival instinct (luckily!) but this has led us to constantly fill up on food without there being a threat of starvation.
  • Chew your food. As well as facilitating digestion, chewing gives the stomach time to register the signals of fullness sent by the brain.
  • Do some sort of physical activity when you feel hunger. The hormones released will diminish hunger.
  • Getting drunk is not an excuse to devour a pack of cookies 😉
  • Set up some ground rules for yourself. For example, not eating out more than 2-3 times a week.

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