I Want To Look Like Him…


… or how the Fitness industry killed me.

This morning, looking for some inspiration, I found a website that has been a real eye opener for me about the current  situation regarding the Fitness industry.

The things I precisely want to talk about are the anabolic steroids compounds. We all know Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, or even Flex Wheeler, are all real beasts who abuse a lot of steroids in order to get bigger, stronger and more « aesthetic ». They all do, in order to gain this extra advantage over the others competitors – maybe their arm symmetry or the traps alignment would make the difference. And every year, we find them back, less human, and bigger ; and this mania around perfection seems to feed an eternal philosophy which is a real fashion in the fitness or bodybuilding sphere: « Eat more, train more and gain more ».

Of course…

We quickly understand, that once we start to be more interested in bodybuilding, it will be nearly impossible to even reach a similar physique ; because not only do they have the genetic advantage (which is a predisposition), but also because there is the HUGE pharmaceutical advantage: the best one won’t have the best routine, the best diet…but the more enduring body against all these substances, the best cycles, and the best dehydration level, in order to look like thick paper on stage.

Do I deny the investment and hard work, the « passion » and the commitment?

Of course not ; and I also know these are results that do not come out a  magic hat. As I do give them the credit for their own actions, I also do respect this limitless determination.

A good diet and a good routine, nothing else...
A good diet and a good routine, nothing else…

Why don’t they confess to it?

Because they all have sponsors to represent, and the day they publicly speak about it, their career is over, done, period.

Nevertheless, Frank Zane or even Serge Nubret confessed their usage ; Nasser el Sonbaty, who died precisely because of an abuse of such substances, truly spoke in public about anabolic steroids and the crazy situation in this fitness world ; their dangers and the hypocrisy around this lifestyle.

What’s wrong with this ; are not they free to do what they want to?

Totally, and I do not have any problem with that, in the end, it is their endocrine system that is messed up, their long gone libido and their invisible-man sponsored fertility. And even if I do not participate, I don’t judge because I do know nothing about what made up their minds in the first place. I also know there is a downward effect ; and once an anabolic drug quickens your gains, there is no turning back. And this is alas why they come back even bigger every year.

So…what’s the point then?

Well, to start, I’m having a hard time accepting that these people become the fitness representatives, « models » for me and for thousands of young people, who all aspire to only one thing: to be like them.

But also these people, human spots for supplement companies, who are all about being well and healthy, well this is everything but this. Pain, headaches, thick blood and LDL levels which reach the sky…all because of strong abuse of these drugs. Oh and do not forget about the mental issues such as body dysmorphia, bulimia or anorexia which pushes them further and further. I cannot blame such ; Franco Colombu said he often noticed a missing father complex amongst many bodybuilders, interesting…

I think the current situation is a mess: underpaid bodybuilders, judges who push them to become bigger every year for the show (people love to see Green’s unique physique or Phil Heath as a real Greek statue) but more importantly more and more disconnected with the reality, less and less in touch about their health. In this world, prostitution for buying drugs is something that has been seen..and this is not only about the men ; women are also concerned by this phenomenon.

I’m also having a hard time, because I feel betrayed ; after all, for many of us, the first motivation is to feel better, to accept what we see in the mirror ; or become healthier. But when I see that all these « models » are the ones who use needles or tabs, while their intestines are a mess….well I don’t know how to make sense of this.

Is this all?

To recap what I said earlier, we all knew it, you do, I do. Their physique is way too big to be natural, and I do understand their relative necessity to lie, after all, they have sponsors paying them dough.

But, what really shocks me, is this « new » generation of bodybuilders, people in their mid 20’s that have near-perfect bodies. The problem is, they also are on gears, more than ever, and they LIE about it. All « naturals » who have impressive stats and performances.

That’s where the shoe pinches, this generation seems to be a little bit more accessible and we all tell ourselves stories about how it’ll be possible to attain this level in 4 years. So we do our best not to skip any training and we feel bad about ourselves if we eat too much ; because this feeling of losing from sight our goals falls on our head as  Damocles’ sword.

Whey and Carbs...
Whey and Carbs…

Eat Clen, Tren Hard.

I was well informed about pro-bodybuilders, but these young people tricked me, people who’ve been « training since 17 ». By analyzing their stats (body fat level, arm and waist sizes, evolution), they all have their genetic potential going through the roof, and not by a little.

Many have near pro-bodybuilders stats, people who do drugs and who train for 15 or 20 years before even reaching this level. So we have young people, new icons who talk out loud to be « all natural » and sell pipe dreams. Pictures all over  the internet and we will be given advices in order to become as big as they are: have a spartiate mentality and train hard. Is it really what they do?


Vaccin contre la grippe.
Flu shot.

What frustrates me is the fact young people choose a model to follow, an icon which turns to be their idols, but sooner or later, they come back to reality ; they think that their routine and their diet sucks, and they lack proper commitment. They end up thinking nothing good would ever come out of this. And in the end you either have the ones who gave up on their inspirations, and the other who perpetuates the drugs trap by starting their first cycle. Not sure that having a small ballsack is a clever move.

I also do acknowledge many (ex)inspiring pictures we posted here do not reflect reality ; and we will do our best to do justice to people like you who take a commitment for a better and healthier life, who eat better and decide to shape their own bodies the best way they can. 2014 will bring new healthy recipes and healthy pictures where our philosophy will be passion-driven. 95% of all the models you see are in most cases a professional lighting, and a particular conditioning (it’s rare to see off-season models). I confess they often got me too, and the point here is to take some time, for us as well as for you, to question and have a better understanding about what is possible to attain before claiming out loud « I want to look like him… ».

You can have an awesome body, be in shape and feel great ; be leaner and in phase with what you see in the mirror ; but let’s be open here: the dreams that you can buy online do not reflect reality. Reality to me are people like you, like nattys, who are smaller, but we still do have an amazing physique, and without the need to cycle on anything.

Fit…for Life.

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