In 2014 I Will Watch 2013 And Laugh…


Enough with the phony resolutions and falses promises?

Let’s see together how to setup pretty much everything to be top notch for 2014. No blablabla, nothing but the essential for you to be in peace with your own motivation ; but also for your will to succeed goes over the eternal painful mornings.

Let’s start right here – start by unclutter and turn off all the distractions around ; turn off the stereo, close your 70 browser tabs, and grab a piece of paper and pen.
Do it. Nope, not the text editor, real paper, and a real pen which has real ink.

Grab an empty sheet, and write down today’s dade. Keep it in mind, as it will serve as a landmark. Start by writing « Today », and under it, write down five (5) things you want to accomplish. It can be anything, 5 tasks. No more ; no less.

Here is mine;

  1. Write this present article.
  2. Correct and send the ebook to the editor.
  3. Train for 1 hour.
  4. Read for 1 hour.
  5. Run some errands.

• Your turn now. 5 tasks.


No draw a line, and write « Later », write down three (3) tasks which obviously would require more time to be done.

Here is mine:

  1. Finish the serie about the macronutrients.
  2. Write my letter to Santa.
  3. Quit the 9-5 jive.

• Your turn now. 3 tasks.

You now have 5 tasks to go through today, and 3 to accomplish « later » – the “when” is something we will talk about later.

• Start by writing again your tasks, while asking yourself: « Which one could I accomplish within an hour, and whithout any trouble?» Identify this task, and do it. Once it’s done, just cross it.

• And voila, only 4 taks left for the day.
For these 4 tasks left, you will do in first the less amusing or exciting one. Going to the bank, filling applications, or complain to tax services because these suckers owe you $200. Then cross the item.

• 3 tasks left.
You will now do the one which takes most of the time. 1 hour sesh? Easy. Have two scoops and to the gym. Mobile stays at home, and let the good tunes run into the headphones. Another task you can cross!

• 2 tasks left.
Now, again, the most boring one, do it and, like a boss. Do not forget to remove it once it’s done!

• 1 task left.
The best one, which should give you pleasure, everything but a burden.

• And…you are done for this first day! Does that sound « too » easy for you? Well, from now on, you will keep a notebook on you and repeat every single day.

• The buzzer goes on. Coffee ; no sugar thank you.

Take 10 minutes of your time, and go back to the 3 tasks you wrote earlier: now ask yourself « is there any I can do today? » If yes, then add it to the « Today »’ list – and voila, only 4 tasks left to accomplish next to this and only 2 you will need to do later.

I want you to move on bit by bit every day in order to accomplish one of the « Later » tasks. For example, if you had « Publish my book » as a task, try to write one or two pages everyday.

• As for the other tasks:
Again, the most accessible in top priority, then the less exciting one; the longest one – and for the two remaining ones, the most exciting in the end.

Third day, let’s do it again.

Already 10 tasks done, you will end up the day with 15!
During 30 days, do this exercice. Every day, write down the date, and every day, add your tasks.

The first seven days are the hardest ones, and this is also why I ask you to focus and do not believe you don’t need this, this is important.

After 21 days…bingo! You have reprogrammed your brain thanks to this little exercice, you became an habit rockstar.
This exercice would have been sufficient to gain new habits that will serve you for months or years.
A piece of paper, a pen, and your own motivation to push your own boundaries. Not any single miracle product.

Go further.

We are in February, and your routine is in check. You are productive in your personal life or professional life, and every day that goes on gives you this neat feeling of accomplishment.

There will be days…
… when you won’t follow through – days when ink won’t come out, and pages will remain empty.
But this is part of the game, and as a sesh we miss, it is never the excuse to let go. You want to be the difference? So start by getting back to your habits as soon as possible. Once vacations are over, or when exams are done. No more money to hit the gym? Enjoy the bodyweight routines. No more food in the cupboard? Go run some errands once you have read this article.

How to…
…accomplish projects you always wanted to accomplish? Such as, quit your job, move away – or become a pro athlete? Well it’s very simple. Every morning, you will add these goals in your « Later » section, and even if you need to repeat these every day. Mine contains « Quit the 9-5 jive » and every day, I do my best to accomplish it.

Projection is one of the best way to literally teleport yourself in this ideal life. It’s very simple. Every day, take 10 minutes to think about what you dream of, and visualize this new life that awaits for you. Force yourself at first, even if you think it’s ridiculous, but do it – everyone knows the Thought Police doesn’t work from January to December.

imaginationImagine yourself in this situation, and set up all the elements into your head for the scene to appear. Imagine noises, smells, people around, etc…

Do it again, and again ; every day, until this process turns an habit as well. In your head, you already in there, and in this physical reality ; you do your best for it to become real.

What you think ; you become.

Take some time everyday, and learn to appreciate this blissful evading moment, more and more everyday. To me, imagination is a really particular word, into which so many things unfold ; and living into the imagination is way more than simply feeding the fantasy machinery – it is the proof of a creating power that always brings you where you wanted to be. If you do believe in your dreams ; why not believing in your own life?

How much time…
… before what you dreamed of comes true? Well, it boils down to your determination – but believe me, most of the time, it’s faster than we thought. Learn to dream, and appreciate the time that passes. Keep your goals in mind, and do live by them, for them, through them. One morning, you would wake up ; and you will feel different – more aware, more present, more « there ». What’s I call «the moment of direct experience » – this blissful sensation to be anchored in the « now » and that your life is nothing but an endless field of so many possibilites. Time does not exist, and in this very precise moment, you become what you always believed in. Have a  shaker, and this is the best fucking training of your life.
I refund if it’s not.

… learn to see the good aspects in life. Being simple and straight is the hardest task, so start to be more positive in your life. Leave yourself some time and learn to put things in perspective.
In the end, there only you and your experiences, your own world and your own expectations, so you better start to enjoy.

See you soon in 2015.

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