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No-Bake Banana Bread Blondies


Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle becomes increasingly more difficult because of two things – the constant availability of food, and the busy environment we all live in day-to-day. We also tend to put more pressure on ourselves, to continue to eat healthy foods that boost our energy and help us develop. If you’re like me, and addicted to training and keeping as it as possible, then your diet if one of the most important things in your average day. You’re constantly thinking of food and what you can have for your next meal. You’ve probably heard of the phases “cheat day” or “treat day” a million times, but if you’re craving certain foods, there’s a high possibility that you haven’t got your diet right. We all have our vices and I’m not different from anyone else. For me, it’s strong black coffee and the occasional cake treat! But what

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While browsing around fitness forums, I often come across posts, often written by beginning body builders, asking for tips on