E-Book: Applied Nutrition for the Newcomer


We have the pleasure to inform you that we released a brand new e-book: 

Applied Nutrition for the Newcomer

This second e-book (the first one is still available here ) elaborates some of my thoughts and some discussions I had with friends, pros, as well as my cat.

This 60-pages e-book, contains 8 chapters that cover everything a newcomer needs to practice a conscious as well as efficient diet.

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What is covered


  • Food: What Does it Do?
  • Food: Simple Definition
  • Food and its Utilization by the Body
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Lipids
  • Micronutrients

Why is it Hard to Lose Weight?

  • First of All… What Exactly is Weight Loss?
  • Weight Loss, Fat Loss

Result: I Want them Now!

  • Measuring
  • Observing
  • So…When?

Build Muscle

  • Gaining More Muscle
  • Becoming Leaner
  • Becoming Stronger

Boost Your Endurance

  • What is Endurance Training?
  • How to Improve My Endurance?
  • Endurance Training and Weight Loss

Diet and Psychology

  • Diet: Eternal Equilibrium
  • Diet: Balance and Unbalance
  • Food and the Brain
  • Food, Weight Gain and Fears

A Habit-Based System

  • Habits: Simple Definition
  • The Importance of Habits
  • Setup a Framework for Your Habits
  • Habits: Patience and Persistence
  • Can Habits Disappear?

Dietary Control: The Key to Success

  • Food for Thought
  • How Do I Become Flexible?
  • Food Choices
  • Learning, Educating Yourself, Educating Others



Nothing has been left: Everything you need to know about your training, your diet and your habits for better and smarter results.

The e-book is available in PDF format…but also ePub, which makes it easy for you to take it on your reader!

This brand new e-book has been optimized for electronic readers; this is something I had in mind since the beginning  .

Do you want to educate yourself?

Do you want to finally get the results you always wanted?


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